Important information for Open Water

1. Technical Meeting (LOCATION HAS BEEN CHANGED)
Friday, August 8th at 5:00PM at the rowing basin on Île Notre-­‐Dame.
We recommend the presence of all swimmers. All relevant information will be given at that meeting.

2. Training at the rowing basin on Île Notre-­‐Dame (UPDATE)

Day Date Time
Friday August 8th from 1:00PM to 5:00PM

3. Jewelry, piercing and nails
Athletes must comply with section 3.48 OWS: no jewelry or piercing. You will need to remove them before the competition. Only the medical bracelet is accepted. Fingernails and toes nails must be cut short.

4. Allergy
Allergic to latex cap? Silicone cap ($10 CAN) for sale on site.

5. Personal belongings
Bring the minimum, we will give you a plastic bag to put your items in. They will be kept in a supervised location.

6. Timing and arrival
The athletes will wear a bracelet with a chip on each wrist. They must finish the race wearing these two bracelets. It is mandatory to touch the finish apparatus at the end of the race.