Swimsuits Rules

REMINDER: All swimsuits bearing valid FINA-approval labels can be used.

IN ADDITION: Swimsuits with no approval number can be accepted provided they evidently fulfill the minimum requirements below:

Shape According to FINA-rule FRSA 3.1.1 Design MEN-       Shall not extend above the navel or below the knee WOMEN :-       Shall not cover the neck or extend pas the shoulders, or below the knee
Material According to FINA-rule FRSA 3.1.2 and FRSA 3.1.3 Material Traditional textile fabric (permeable), with no mesh-closing surface treatment.Comment: Suits or parts of suits made of ‘’Polyurethane’’ (or similar non-textile material) are of course prohibited.

CONTROL: The FINA Masters Committee will conduct unannounced checks.

IN CASE OF DOUBTS: Swimsuits can be forwarded to FINA for control.


Click here to view the list of swimsuits approved by FINA.