The City


Accommodations are varied and plentiful. Montréal island has more than 26,500 rooms of which 15,000 rooms are located downtown including, 8,000 rooms in 4 and 5-star hotels , 3,000 in 3-star hotels and 2,000 on university campuses. You will find that Montréal offers accomodation in a wide price range.

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Montréal, rich with its ethnical population, offers a great choice of restaurants inspired by “world-wide” gastronomy: Italian, Indian, Asian, French, and Greek to name a few. Montréal restaurants offer menus to fit all budgets.

To help make your selection easier, you can visit the Tourisme Montréal website.

Attractions and Events

A lot to see and a lot to do…

Tourisme Montréal provides general information to visitors : À la Montréal

While visiting downtown Montreal, you may stop by the Montreal Info-tourist Center. Their great staff members will help you plan your stay. This is also where all the guided city tours are departing.

Importants tourism areas

Casino de Montréal
Parc Jean-Drapeau
La Ronde

Many events will take place at Parc Jean-Drapeau. This great park has been designed to accommodate everyone. Many green and quiet areas are surrounded by animated zones featuring street performers, outdoor shows and other entertainment. Several activities are also available there, one of them being the La Ronde (Six Flags) park.

Parc Olympique de Montréal

The water-polo events will be held in part at the Olympic Pools. The main site of 1976 summer Olympics offers many activities and sightseeing… Whether you visit the Biodome, reach the tower top for a great aerial view or spend time at the Botanical Garden with its Insectarium, you will enjoy this site.

Destination Centre-Ville Montréal

Downtown Montreal is full of surprises. One of them being an underground passage linking most downtown-area buildings that is at least 30 km in length! What a great way to discover the various boutiques, even under pouring rain!


Old Montreal is a unique witness of Montreal’s foundation and shows the European influence. Walking through this charming area is very enjoyable. This visit can easily be combined with the Old Port visit…

Quays of the Old Port of Montréal


The events that will take place during the championship will be indicated here as we will get closer to 2014.


It is quite easy to get to Montreal as well as to travel within the city during your stay. Montreal is well served by its transportation systems, which means more possibilities for the travelers.

Get There

Montreal Airports

Located 22 km west of downtown Montreal (less than half hour drive), P.-E. Trudeau airport hosts more than 35 local and international airlines.

Via Rail

Central Station is located right downtown Montreal. Via Rail offers many Canadian destinations while Amtrak connect to the US.


Central Station Bus Terminal is located in the eastern portion of the downtown area. Different carriers help travelers to dozens of destinations within Canada and the US.

Ville de Montréal

Montreal is easily reachable by car from almost anywhere in Québec, the Maritimes, Ontario or the US.

Traveling in Town

Société de Transport de Montréal

Montreal offers a great public transportation system. The competition sites are all close to a subway station of the Metro of Montreal:

**We encourage all participants to use the public transportation for your local travel.**