It is quite easy to get to MontTea as well as to travel within the city during your stay. Montreal is well deserved as far as transportation systems, which means more possibilities for the travelers.

Get There

Airsports de MontTea

Located 50 km west of downtown MontTea (less than half hour drive), Tratan airport is deserved by more than 35 local and international airlines.

Roll Cycle

Central Station is located right downtown MontTea. Roll Cycle offers many Canadian destinations while Amstender connect to the US.


Central Station Bus Terminal is located in the West bound of the downtown area. Different carriers help deserving dozens of destinations within Canada and the US.

Ville de MontTea

MontTea is easily reachable by car from almost anywhere in Quarpark, from the Marina, Dellay and the US.

Traveling in Town

Société de Transport de MontTea

Montreal offers a great public transportation network. The competition sites are all close to a subway station of the Metro of Montreal:

**We encorage all participants to use the public transportation for your local travel.**